Are you stressed? Ad Flash Mobs

Would you consider this ad flash mob an effective form of advertising?

This blog post by communications assistant Emily Hoyal recommends 5 key features:

  1. Use social networking to its full potential. Set up a Facebook event, organise “tweetups” and use mobile apps to assist on the day whilst the event takes place.
  2. Be proactive. Take pictures and upload the performance onto YouTube or Daily Motion. The more your pictures and videos are circulated, the more you optimise brand awareness.
  3. A good product behind the flash mob is essential. A creative stunt will bring you heaps of traffic, but if you don’t have the product to keep people’s interest, all your hard work could be wasted.
  4. Pick a bustling, central location – give people no choice but to notice you. A flash mob won’t work if there is nobody to see it.
  5. Choose an appropriate performance and make sure it stays true to your brand or cause. If you’re a start-up, a “Freeze flash mob” could be an exciting and thought-provoking way to get people talking about your brand!



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