Infographics: Making the Complex Comprehensible

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

– Albert Einstein

In the course of your project work you might stumble upon the need to present mountains of findings or research in a concise and meaningful way. Herald in infographics – graphic visualizations of data, information and knowledge used by individuals, companies and government all over to present information in visually friendly, accessible way to their target audience.

You can find many notable examples in sites like Daily Infographic and Local ones can also be found at The Straits Times. Even the recently released budget had an infographic to distil down the policies for masses.

What’s neat is that today you can find many web tools that help you get started on creating your own infographic. Popular ones include info.gram, visual.y and Piktochart. Say goodbye to boring posters and dumdrum charts and tables. Say hello to info with a purpose, with a story.




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