Creativity and Adaptation

Generating creative ideas can be such a pain. But in truth it’s not really necessary to come up with something completely new or revolutionary. Most of what is produced in culture are really inspired adaptations. Think about what forms of adverts, posters or films have inspired / amazed / persuaded you – then adapt accordingly for your audience’s needs.

Here are some notable examples:

1. I’m sure you might recall the 2008 NDP theme song ‘Shine for Singapore’ that had a girl coloring drawing blocks that eventually made up a star. Well, I wonder where they got their inspiration from…


2. Want to use an advert? What metaphors or analogies can you employ? How can it be culturally familiar and provoking?


3. The use of music? Element of surprise? Cute factor?


4. The use of innocent bystanders? Flash mobs with interactive elements?


5. Use of Teaser Videos: Anonymous Hacktivists Call-2-Action for International Day of Privacy 2013


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