Why Do Videos Go Viral?

Kevin Allocca is a YouTube’s trends manager and he argues that videos go viral due to 3 key features: 1. Tastemakers, 2. Participation and 3. Unexpectedness. 

Watch the video below to see some examples he uses to illustrate his points.


Tom Chatfiled from BBC Future succinctly expresses how virality isn’t often a feature of the video content itself:

If almost every attempt to build common ground melts away under scrutiny, that’s because – no matter how much you might wish you could bottle and sell it – virality isn’t actually a property of these videos at all. It’s a property of their audience: a description not of a particular object, but of the ways in which that object is used.

If you’re using videos in your projects, how can you maximize chances of virality and spread? 


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