Looking at Technology Trends

Whether an idea can be considered innovation often demands a careful look at context. An app could have been considered innovative with the genesis of the iPhone in 2007 but is rather commonplace now given the saturated market; an interactive website would have been all the rage before when Web 2.0 was introduced but is now almost standard fare for most sites.

As such, it helps to really look at current trends when brainstorming for potential technological platforms to use for your ideas. This will help keep your ideas fresh, creative yet feasible (since the current technologies exist, but perhaps have not been adapted or developed to wider applications yet).

Some good places to start are Gartner’s Top 10 Technological Trends for 2015 and Award winners from the Consumer Electronics Show in the US. From there, you would be able to snowball your research to consider a wider range of potential technologies to fashion your strategies to better meet the needs of your project.


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