Using Stories to Persuade Your Audience

Often your projects in PW will concern some form of persuasion, be it written as a strategy in your report, or orally at the year end. Thing is, while sound logic, compelling arguments and relevant evidence are certainly important, what really draws your audience in will often have to be more emotional in nature – a gentle tugging at people’s hearts before you persuade their minds.

Here are some story-telling techniques from the creative Sparkol blog you can employ to help hook the reader or listener in before you present the core message. For example, we’ve seen students use the ‘Monomyth’ during oral presentations to add their personal narrative to illustrate the problem and solution. Groups sometimes use ‘In Medias Res’ to really draw the audience in with the problem before  beginning the analysis proper.

Give the site a look and we look forward to hearing your stories 🙂


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