LKY Death Hoax – A Lesson in Source Evaluation

As the nation was holding its breath while Singapore’s first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew remained critically ill in hospital, a distasteful prank was pulled when a fake death announcement from the Prime Minister’s Office was posted up, deluding even international media like CNN and CCTV who caught onto it (although they retracted their misinformation later on).

In the wild wild web it’s important to evaluate your sources carefully. Don’t trust a site just because it looks ‘legit’. Anything can, especially with sites like shrturl that allow you to doctor existing sites with ease.

Look at the source currency and scrutinize the URL. Look for corroboration from credible sources. Don’t simply ‘share’ because something is sensational, or you might unwittingly add to the wildfire of lies and misinformation.


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