The Future is Now

Image Credit: The Straits Times

If there’s one thing that sets the last century apart from all others in the span of human history is the rate of technological progress. And breakthroughs require an innovative spirit, the ability to think about possibilities rather than limitations. This article from Vulcan Post highlights futuristic technological insights from the a local tech carnival that give us a glimpse into what the future of the nation, the smart nation, might look like. The ideas cover a range of areas, from traffic to music to drones.

In PW you should keep your mind open to solutions that adapt futuristic ideas in an insightful and careful manner – things like 3D printing, drones and capacitive sensing aren’t abstract concepts but exploratory technologies that exist now. For example, can drones help deliver a service more efficiently? Can 3D printing help manufacture your proposed product in a cheaper way? Can capacitive sensing help you turn everyday objects into instruments to help kids appreciate and enjoy music?


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