Values: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Discussing values can be very subjective and complex matter. Rather than assume our values are simply what is inscribed on pledges or top-down directives from authorities, finding out what the ground organically ascribes to can paint a more accurate picture  Thankfully we have consulting firms that do such work with often insightful and illuminating results:

In a nutshell:

aAdvantage Consulting Group and Barrett Values Centre jointly conducted the 2015 National Values Assessment in Singapore that showed the following (not in order of importance):

1. Top 10 values1 Singapore Residents said best describe themselves: Family, friendship, caring, compassion, respect, responsibility, happiness, health, honesty and positive attitude.

2. Top 10 values Singapore Residents perceive reflect the Singapore society today: ‘Kiasu’, ‘kiasi’, competitive, materialistic, self-centred, blame, security, education opportunities, effective healthcare and peace.

3. Top 10 values Singapore Residents said they desire to see in the Singapore society: Affordable housing, effective healthcare, employment opportunities, caring for the elderly, caring for the disadvantaged, quality of life, caring for environment, compassion, peace and concern for future generations.

Click here for the full press release from


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