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Heineken #OpenYourWorld

So after this sad and ignorant commercial by Pepsi that trivialized genuine protests and movements around the world, Heineken has turned up a gem of an ad that explores how we can sit and have a decent conversations with one another despite deep embedded differences in values or opinion.

How can you explore creating a video or social experiment that can help raise awareness about issues in society?


How to Find Love Online (SPF)

Watch this unique video on online scams by the Singapore Police Force. What intrigues viewers is that it takes a popular format of the bite-sized video recipes seen on social media these days and adds a unique angle on it.

Cooking and Crime-prevention? Seems like a recipe for success.


Mothers are Mothers

Video on AWARE’s #asinglelove project that seeks to help single parents in Singapore through a variety of initiatives. A short and sweet example of how the videoing of your social experiments or demonstrations can be used to good effect with good narrative, editing and other thematic elements.


Inside Out: An Exposition of Emotion

One great way to raise awareness about a complex topic can sometimes be through popular media, like films and stories for instance.

Pixar’s “Inside Out” goes some way to help raise awareness about our emotions. As described by Dr. Scarlet from Psychology Today:

What’s really powerful about this film is how accurate it is to cognitive, developmental, and clinical psychology. The 5 emotions used in this film are in fact 5 of the 6 scientifically validated universal emotions (the 6th one being surprise). Psychologist and scientist, Paul Eckman, is most known for his work with universal emotions as he traveled around the world and found that these were present in every culture and presented in the same way through the same facial expressions around the world…

What can you use popular media to raise awareness about an issue you’re concerned about?