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Research on Singapore

Getting the relevant evidence for your identified issues can be challenging, especially more credible quantitative data on social trends.

Here is useful collection of links from SMU’s research guide that will help you get started.


IPS Surveys

Exploring the prevalence of various social issues in Singapore?

The quantitative survey findings from the Institute of Policy Studies is a good starting point to help you delve deeper into the sentiments and attitude of citizens towards various social, economic and political issues concerning the nation.

This recent survey on race, language and religion for instance, provides some insight into prevailing prejudices and values racial and national relations.

Survey Samples

Stating your sample size for the surveys results cited in your report is an intellectual act of honesty about one’s methodology. This will help build credibility and improve the overall quality of your substantiation of ideas.

Even if your respondent pool size isn’t perfectly representative of your larger population, at least give reason why this number was the best you could reach given your limited resources and time.

Wondering what a ‘sample size’ is? Try using the online Sample Size Calculator to help you generate  a number within reasonable confidence levels and intervals.