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Press-Sure Soccer Ball

From AXA People Protector’s Facebook page,

After having a stroke, people’s neural pathways are damaged and physical therapy is required. Amelia Day, a middle school American girl, created the “Pressure Soccer Ball”: a rehabilitation pressure sensing ball that helps people recover from a stroke using light and sound stimuli. The ball gives the user sensory feedback on kicking accuracy to help them regain mobility and strength.

See the young 14-year-old aspiring inventor herself explain her invention here:


How can you also modify existing products to serve a different community? 




Giving New Looks to an Old Biscuit

Image from Kraft Foods

The humble Oreo biscuit might have stayed essentially the same in terms of form and taste for a good few decades but its packaging and marketing are what help it stand out.

Here is a sampling of some of its novel campaigns this year.

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Image from Inventors! 2016

Think back to your childhood and surely you can recall conjuring one or two nifty inventions in your little inspired mind then. Children have the benefit of basically not knowing what is not possible, and as a result they often dare to dream big and bold when it comes to ideation.

Dominic Wilcox’s INVENTORS! project taps on this, aiming to “inspire and encourage children to believe in the power of their imagination, find some great ideas and create some wonderful objects”. Selected ideas – from the brilliant to the bizarre – get made into real models by actual manufacturers and subsequently exhibited.

Browse some of the cool inventions here.

Yes We ‘Can’

Appreciating the ingenuity of design best starts by appreciating the often overlooked yet elegant and practical builds of everyday objects around you. The simple aluminium can is one such example.

Watch this engineer walk us through every nook and cranny of the can, detailing every single insightful thought that went into its current design to meet user and context needs.