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The video below at first glance (or view) seems like a pretty novel way to educate children about we can quickly assume occupations are gender-specific. On the one hand, yes it does seem to help children to more open to aspiring to various career fields instead of being mentally boxed by gender. On the other hand, the children really are just drawing reality and perhaps this can be argued as an exercise in feminism taken a step too far.

In any case, this is an interesting ‘lesson’ technique nonetheless compared to usual assembly talks or career exhibitions.



Image from Inventors! 2016

Think back to your childhood and surely you can recall conjuring one or two nifty inventions in your little inspired mind then. Children have the benefit of basically not knowing what is not possible, and as a result they often dare to dream big and bold when it comes to ideation.

Dominic Wilcox’s INVENTORS! project taps on this, aiming to “inspire and encourage children to believe in the power of their imagination, find some great ideas and create some wonderful objects”. Selected ideas – from the brilliant to the bizarre – get made into real models by actual manufacturers and subsequently exhibited.

Browse some of the cool inventions here.

A Beautiful Exchange

Below is a brief video capturing some interactions of the Speaking Exchange project, which connects CNA language students in Brazil with Americans living in retirement homes. Students in Brazil get to learn English in authentic chats with native speakers, the elderly in America get a chance to interact with young people.

Can you think of such creative collaborations for your own projects?

It’s Just You and Meme Baby


Some of you might be considering using memes to spread your message in viral fashion.

As you know, trying to ‘engineer’ something to become viral goes against the spirit of something being viral in the first place, but one can definitely analyze the traits of popular memes to get a broad sense of what really appeals to most net users, what gets shared?

Here’s an infographic on ‘how to create a viral meme’ that highlights some key traits like appeal to the masses and a certain brand of humor.

Here’s another interesting article on the ‘perfect’ picture on Pinterest that describes key traits of the most repinned photo on the site, revealing a certain character and taste about the users of Pinterest.

So think about your memes carefully, and think about what platforms you are planning to share it on.