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Nursing Home: A New Normal

ST Photos: Joyce Yang

Staff at Peacehaven nursing home came up with an incentivising model of care where the 120 nursing home residents and 40 daycare residents there have to “earn” money before they can “spend” it on activities they enjoy.

Read here to find out more.


Heineken #OpenYourWorld

So after this sad and ignorant commercial by Pepsi that trivialized genuine protests and movements around the world, Heineken has turned up a gem of an ad that explores how we can sit and have a decent conversations with one another despite deep embedded differences in values or opinion.

How can you explore creating a video or social experiment that can help raise awareness about issues in society?

Street Store: Donation through Dignity

Check out this novel street store concept designed to give the homeless a dignified way to choose their clothes from donations.

We often think providing for the less needy simply entails giving them the resources, without much thought for the manner in which they are given the help needed. Such campaigns like the Street Store thus stand out for their thoughtfulness in their re-design of a conventional clothes donation drive.

What else can you adapt your ideas to show more thoughtfulness about the target group’s needs? 


Sesame Street’s Autistic Character


Sesame Street, known for being a kids show at the forefront of teaching inclusiveness with its characters, has added an autistic muppet to the roster – Julia.

How do you think you can leverage on shows and cartoon characters in the same way to teach children in Singapore something important? 


Caring for the Elderly

Caring for the elderly doesn’t need to look a certain way (think old folk home visits, food donations, senior citizen roadshows etc.)

Here are seven creative ideas initiated by various communities that try to leverage on technology, networks and other resources in unique ways to better meet the physical, social and emotional needs of the elderly.