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Drink Driving: A Reflection

What better way to get someone to reflect on the severity of their action than with a talking mirror.


How to Find Love Online (SPF)

Watch this unique video on online scams by the Singapore Police Force. What intrigues viewers is that it takes a popular format of the bite-sized video recipes seen on social media these days and adds a unique angle on it.

Cooking and Crime-prevention? Seems like a recipe for success.

Mothers are Mothers

Video on AWARE’s #asinglelove project that seeks to help single parents in Singapore through a variety of initiatives. A short and sweet example of how the videoing of your social experiments or demonstrations can be used to good effect with good narrative, editing and other thematic elements.


YouTube Ads



YouTube is quite aware that most people just SKIP the ads that play at the start of videos. But fact is, some ads do manage to hook the viewer in. Question is, what sets these ads apart? 

If you are thinking of creating a YouTube ad for your own project, be sure to consult YouTube’s own help site regarding creating such video ads.


Giving New Looks to an Old Biscuit

Image from Kraft Foods

The humble Oreo biscuit might have stayed essentially the same in terms of form and taste for a good few decades but its packaging and marketing are what help it stand out.

Here is a sampling of some of its novel campaigns this year.

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