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Building Habits – RPG Style!

Habit formation in the first few weeks is really an intense test of discipline. To help motivate your target audience to keep at it, consider the use of gamification – especially if you are catering to teens or younger adults.

Check out these apps that combine to-do lists and habit building with games!

Epic Win

Level Up Your Life

Life Bit


Inside Out: An Exposition of Emotion

One great way to raise awareness about a complex topic can sometimes be through popular media, like films and stories for instance.

Pixar’s “Inside Out” goes some way to help raise awareness about our emotions. As described by Dr. Scarlet from Psychology Today:

What’s really powerful about this film is how accurate it is to cognitive, developmental, and clinical psychology. The 5 emotions used in this film are in fact 5 of the 6 scientifically validated universal emotions (the 6th one being surprise). Psychologist and scientist, Paul Eckman, is most known for his work with universal emotions as he traveled around the world and found that these were present in every culture and presented in the same way through the same facial expressions around the world…

What can you use popular media to raise awareness about an issue you’re concerned about?

It’s Just You and Meme Baby


Some of you might be considering using memes to spread your message in viral fashion.

As you know, trying to ‘engineer’ something to become viral goes against the spirit of something being viral in the first place, but one can definitely analyze the traits of popular memes to get a broad sense of what really appeals to most net users, what gets shared?

Here’s an infographic on ‘how to create a viral meme’ that highlights some key traits like appeal to the masses and a certain brand of humor.

Here’s another interesting article on the ‘perfect’ picture on Pinterest that describes key traits of the most repinned photo on the site, revealing a certain character and taste about the users of Pinterest.

So think about your memes carefully, and think about what platforms you are planning to share it on.