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Game Changing Supermarket Idea

Would this work in Singapore though? Self-checkout stations at Fairprice outlets don’t seem to making much traction here, but that could be because of the hassle of trying to scan your own items. This concept from Amazon however, seems to eschew scanning altogether, enabling shoppers to simply walk out of the supermarket.


Virtual Reality

Using Virtual Reality (VR) can be a great way to engage your target groups’ myriad sense with interesting and immersive simulations.

A notable examples of their use for educative purposes include this car crash trauma in Britain. Their medical applicability is also intriguing, as demonstrated by technologies like Caren (see video below).

How might you adapt this technology for use in your own strategies?

Empathy Through a Suit?

Cultivating empathy is difficult, trying to psychologically put yourself in the shoes of others is not as easy as it seems. Just trying to read, listen or see the experiences of others does not always engage us. Videos, such as this ADHD simulation, might fare a little better but they still fall short from fully immersing us.

However, what if you could literally walk in the shoes of someone else – in an futuristic suit designed to let you physically experience the difficulties of the other person, in this case an elderly at 70 years old? Watch the video below on the instant ageing suit.