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Nursing Home: A New Normal

ST Photos: Joyce Yang

Staff at Peacehaven nursing home came up with an incentivising model of care where the 120 nursing home residents and 40 daycare residents there have to “earn” money before they can “spend” it on activities they enjoy.

Read here to find out more.


Sesame Street’s Autistic Character


Sesame Street, known for being a kids show at the forefront of teaching inclusiveness with its characters, has added an autistic muppet to the roster – Julia.

How do you think you can leverage on shows and cartoon characters in the same way to teach children in Singapore something important? 


LIMPEH Says is an innovative adaptation of the wildly infamous Cards Against Humanity with a strong local flavor. To date this Kickstarter has well surpassed its pledge amount and looks set to make a big splash on dining tables around the island.

Watch the good people at The Smart Local try their hand at it.

What other popular international games out there could be adapted for the local context? What considerations would you need to make?