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Straits Times Causes Week


Here is another link from Straits Times about their annual ‘Causes Week’ where they profile individuals and groups that have made a difference in society.

Read through the cases and appreciate the insight that goes into the efforts to meet real needs in the community – ranging from animals to cardboard box collectors.


Impact Journalism

“Every year, the social business Sparknews brings together some 50 leading newspapers from around the world to share stories of  hope, change and positive innovation. Together these newspapers have impact. On the same day, they publish a special edition dedicated to 100 concrete and inspiring solutions to global issues, on subjects like education, energy, health care, agriculture, water, technology, and urbanism.”

See the catalog of featured projects here.  May you be inspired!


Sea of Change: Sharks and Pirates

Image by Kathy Xu

When we think about issues on the high seas – like shark hunting or piracy,  it’s easy to think of deterrence and enforcement of key means to address these.

However, innovative individuals have tried to tackle this from a unique angle and sought instead to engage these communities instead to dissuade them away from their usual vice. For example, the Dorsal Effect is an initiative to engage shark fishermen in an alternative source of livelihood so that they can stop hunting shark, while the Kiyoshi Kimura, the chairman of Kiyomura, a famous sushi restaurant chain , frequently visits Somalia in East Africa to teach the people literally ‘how to fish’ and steer them away from resorting to piracy.

So the next time you come across problems often dealt with by enforcement, you might want to see if these individuals could instead be more productively engaged in order to better address the problem.



Social Entrepreneurship @ SG

Social enterprises – in trying to marry both profit and purpose – often have to adapt fairly innovative business practices and strategies in order to succeed.

This CNA website, Social Inc, documents interesting examples where high-flying CEOs are brought in to mentor fledgling social entrepreneurs and give their businesses a boost.

Other sites you can check out are the SE Association’s directory and Stuff with a Difference.

What lessons can we draw from them? How can we apply these lessons to our own project solutions?