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Fake News Problem

In this era where article ‘shares’ are determined more by computer algorithms rather than discerning human curators, the proliferation of fake news becomes terrifyingly evident. People are simply sharing what is sensational, reading ‘news’ only to confirm their own opinions.

What caught my eye was the first comment on the first article posted above:

“That’s the symptom, not the disease. We need a populace who can and want to be able to tell the difference between a reputable news source and a social media site.”

Therefore, it would be more productive for us to be more cautious as readers and checking the credibly and validity of our sources  before we share them. So, the next time you come across some site accusing our ministers of seditious comments,  do check your source.


Virtual Reality

Using Virtual Reality (VR) can be a great way to engage your target groups’ myriad sense with interesting and immersive simulations.

A notable examples of their use for educative purposes include this car crash trauma in Britain. Their medical applicability is also intriguing, as demonstrated by technologies like Caren (see video below).

How might you adapt this technology for use in your own strategies?

Impact Journalism

“Every year, the social business Sparknews brings together some 50 leading newspapers from around the world to share stories of  hope, change and positive innovation. Together these newspapers have impact. On the same day, they publish a special edition dedicated to 100 concrete and inspiring solutions to global issues, on subjects like education, energy, health care, agriculture, water, technology, and urbanism.”

See the catalog of featured projects here.  May you be inspired!