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Free Browser-based Editing Tools

Pixlr Editor

Creating graphics for your projects can be difficult if you lack the adequate tools. Thankfully, you don’t need to depend on expensive software for this today, given the power of free web-based tools at your disposal from amazing sites like Pixlr and Vectr.

Get the full list here.


More Great Prezi Examples

Thinking of using Prezi for your oral presentations?

The tool, while looking great on the surface, is often under-utilized by groups that simply use it as a PowerPoint substitute with ‘slides’ and ‘bullet lists’. That totally defeats the purpose of using Prezi given how its main advantage really is in its ability to zoom in and out, giving the audience big and small picture views of the content.

View some popular Prezis over here to get a sense of how one can maximize its features for a convincing presentation.

Google SketchUp

If your project involves some product or invention, perhaps you might want to consider using Google SketchUp, a 3D modelling software tool that’s free to download. Though lacking the complex features needed by professionals, it more than does the work for most educational use.

Initial learning curve might be a little steep but once you get down to it, the results will keep you going. YouTube tutorials are incredibly useful for a start.

Survey Samples

Stating your sample size for the surveys results cited in your report is an intellectual act of honesty about one’s methodology. This will help build credibility and improve the overall quality of your substantiation of ideas.

Even if your respondent pool size isn’t perfectly representative of your larger population, at least give reason why this number was the best you could reach given your limited resources and time.

Wondering what a ‘sample size’ is? Try using the online Sample Size Calculator to help you generate  a number within reasonable confidence levels and intervals.