Caring for the Elderly

Caring for the elderly doesn’t need to look a certain way (think old folk home visits, food donations, senior citizen roadshows etc.)

Here are seven creative ideas initiated by various communities that try to leverage on technology, networks and other resources in unique ways to better meet the physical, social and emotional needs of the elderly.


Press-Sure Soccer Ball

From AXA People Protector’s Facebook page,

After having a stroke, people’s neural pathways are damaged and physical therapy is required. Amelia Day, a middle school American girl, created the “Pressure Soccer Ball”: a rehabilitation pressure sensing ball that helps people recover from a stroke using light and sound stimuli. The ball gives the user sensory feedback on kicking accuracy to help them regain mobility and strength.

See the young 14-year-old aspiring inventor herself explain her invention here:


How can you also modify existing products to serve a different community? 




LIMPEH Says is an innovative adaptation of the wildly infamous Cards Against Humanity with a strong local flavor. To date this Kickstarter has well surpassed its pledge amount and looks set to make a big splash on dining tables around the island.

Watch the good people at The Smart Local try their hand at it.

What other popular international games out there could be adapted for the local context? What considerations would you need to make? 

Fighting Fake News

If you have been following the media coverage in the lead up to last year’s US Presidential Election, you might have noticed the varying degree of analytical coverage and political bias adopted by the various media agencies. This chart broadly summarizes the landscape: kp4yax1

This is why it is important to always evaluate your sources. Even in the local context, being aware of the broad socio-political inclinations and agendas of the various media you read should inform your consumption of the information presented, so that you don’t become a reader subject to confirmation bias.